Leadership & Teamwork

Even though we knew we wanted to create some randition of a 3D games company, we didn’t know what we were all strongest at when we first created the group. We first had a converstation about who should be leader and after some debate, Liam decided he would take the responsibility of being the leader who would focus on the texturing and final overlook of the project whilst me and Fraser each did the Identity and 3D modeling respectively.

I believe that during our group project, we communicated effectively using Discord to discuss and update our peers on work we had completed or been working on throughout the week. We made sure to update each other every week with our progress by messaging, with the occasional voice call every two weeks. However, we could’ve done this more often to give a better understanding of the progress we were all making. When we first began our project, as we didn’t set any deadlines or time scales for our tasks, we struggled to get anything done and the communication wasn’t great. Nevertheless, we managed to begin communication as the project progressed and we motivated each other to complete our tasks we had assigned to each other.

Towards the end of the project, we sometimes had sessions where we would get into a call and not only discuss what we had been working on, but also we would all be working simultatiously with each other so we could talk about our tasks and concerns we had live with each other. This was really useful as we could get feedback on our work and advice on how to improve it whilst we worked on our final designs.