Immersive Design

Development Log 2 (Story Boarding and Planning)

Story Board

Prior to starting my sequence, I decided to start storyboarding my piece to get an idea of the course it will take. I may steer away slightly from my storyboard but this is a rough plan I will be following, providing I find the correct assets necessary for my design.

Scene 1
Description: The player walks down the corridor as blast doors open allowing the player to walk through, lights line the walls. At the end of the corridor, the player hears a noise out their left ear, forcing them to look.
Length: 20 seconds
Sound: Speaking over the tannoy, door noises as they open.

Scene 2
Description: The player enters a room where there will be a meditation platform for them to go toward and sit on.
Length: 5 seconds
Sound: Speaking over the tannoy stops, spaceship ambiance start

Scene 3
Description: The player will be inclined to look out the window as a sound will play as the player enters the ‘wormhole’
Length: 5 seconds
Sound: wormhole noises

Scene 4
Description: The first flashback scene will play where the player will ‘Stutter’ through the hallway as part of them ‘remembering’ more and more of their flashback.
Length: 10 seconds
Sound: normal ambiance

Scene 5
Description: As the player gets further into the flashback, screams start to get louder as you approach a corner.
Length: 10 seconds
Sound: Screams start to get louder.

Scene 6
: The player’s vision fades and they fade into the master’s chambers where they will find dead bodies and lightsabers scattered around the room.
Length: 10 seconds
Sound: screams are at full volume, and some ambiance

Scene 7
Description: The player comes out of the flashback to the wormhole stopping and returning to normal.
Length: 5 seconds
Sound: wormhole stopping and slowly fades to silence.

Digital Affordance and Navigation 

As this is a static camera the player cannot control fully, it will be important to guide the player using the visual and audio prompts. In my design, the player will mostly be encouraged to look around by visual prompts and guides. However, I have planned to add audio and lighting colour change. The first audio guide will be where the user will walk up to a dead end with 3 options in front of them, a door will then open to the left of them which will play a sound once opened in the left ear only which will prompt the user to turn that way and move onto the next section. The lighting colour change I have planned is at the end scene when the player returns back to the ship, the lighting will change to red and flash behind the user, encouraging them to look in that direction.

As this is made to be a virtual reality video for the purpose of watching through a virtual reality headset, there are some considerations I have had to keep in mind when designing my project. The main focus is preventing cybersickness which can be done in a number of ways: The first one is to keep the user grounded at all times as nothing underneath a player in VR causes the user to have the sensation of falling, even when the user isn’t falling outside of the headset which makes the user experience cybersickness. An additional way to prevent this is to have to fade in between scenes rather than a quick camera cut to the next angle. Another cause of cybersickness is dis-embodiment where the user feels detached from their actual self when using VR if they see a static body underneath them which they can’t move in VR as this is just a video. Therefore, in my video, I won’t be using any arms or hands coming from the camera or body underneath the camera.