Immersive Design

Development Log 4 (Sound Design)

Sound design will play a crucial role when designing my immersive design piece as it will enhance the storytelling of my video, create atmosphere and immersion within my scenes, support visual prompts and improve user engagement and accessibility. Adding the correct sound to my scenes will add another layer of realism and richness to the experience the user will have. it can emphasize actions, highlight important moments or create contrast. For example, within my piece, I will be adding a breathing sound that could startle the viewer or subtle background noise may make them feel uneasy and make them wonder what is going to happen next. I will be using directional audio to get the user to look around in that given direction to follow the story to the next part.


This is the crowd-in-panic sound effect that will play in the background of my second scene when the user is in the Jedi Council room. This is to tell the user that something bad is happening and will hopefully accompany the visual elements well enough to tell the story well.


The fire sound effect will be played on a loop in the background to accompany the crowd screaming. However, this will be quieter as it will be far away from the camera.


During my production piece, I will mainly be using both audio channels. However, One audio that will utilise one audio channel is the door opening sound which will open on the user’s left side encouraging them to look in that direction. I also had to speed the door sound up slightly to enable it to be synced properly with the doors opening on screen.


As I didn’t want the first and last scenes to be soundless in the background, I decided to try and find some backing track to fill the empty noise. I would have wanted a radio tannoy chatter through the loudspeakers, however, I was unable to find the correct effect online. Therefore, I looked for some space ambiance audio that would give a slight humming in the background.


For my jump to hyperspace, I tried to find the closest sound I could to the official Star Wars hyperspace jump. Despite not finding the exact sound, I was still able to find a very close match which will work well in my design.


Like the hyperspace effect, I wanted to find a similar sound to the film series and luckily, I was able to find one with a lasting humming after the ignition which I could just loop to fit my scene.


With my Darth Vader breathing, I had to make sure I got the correct audio as this would need to make the user feel uneasy. Also, any user who has watched Star Wars will know the breathing and know what will be coming next.

Darth Vader breathing

For the alarm in the background of the final scene, I wanted to use the iconic alarm that was used in the film series. I came across a few but decided to go with the rebel alarm as this fit the best with my visual elements.


Final Composition

This is what my final composition looks like within Premier Pro with all my music and sound effect added in. Despite the fact that it wasn’t too difficult to add all the audio in and find the correct levels, one thing I did struggle with was splitting the audio channels left and right to get the door sound to play on the user’s left ear only.

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