Immersive Design

Development Log 5 (Final Render and Reflection)

Final Render with sound

This is my final render complete with sound in a 360 moveable camera uploaded to youtube in 4k resolution to account for Youtube’s compression.


Overall, I was very happy with my final render, the sound design accompanied the visual elements well and successfully created an immersive piece that engages the user to look around to explore the story. One thing I was thoroughly impressed with was the 360 render camera and the capabilities Unreal engine has. However, one thing I wish I did differently, was I would’ve put the sound into Unreal engine instead of doing it post-render within Premier Pro. This would’ve given the user a richer experience as it would have improved the directional audio. Another thing I would’ve done differently is had better time management as I would have liked to create a few of the assets myself so I could easily tailor it to what I needed. If I had done this, I could’ve included the middle scene of the character walking through the temple.