3D Character Design | Development Log 5

Next, I started to blend the fingers together with the hand and began using the move brush and the dam standard brush to model the folds in the fingers. I also used the flatten brush to flatten the tips of the fingers on top for the fingernails.

I then finished the other fingers the same way, making sure to use the reference of my own hand to get the right length of each finger. I also moved the thumb position and realised it was originally facing the wrong way.

After finishing the hands, I began toning the abdomen, including the breasts which I inflated to give more depth. I then moved down to the belly button which I made using the damn standard brush with a high intensity. However, I originally placed this too low and had to move it higher.

After placing the belly button higher, I then made the muscles in the abdomen more prominant.

Here below is my model in it’s current form, subject to minor changes, including a potential resign to the lips