3D Character Design | Development Log 4

Firstly, I began modeling the arms by using Dynamesh to blend the forearm, upper arm, and shoulder together. I then roughly sculpted the elbow using the inflat brush to get the elbow and used the dam standard brush to get the fold in the arm to mark the change between the upper and forearm. Using the inflat brush again, I extruded the shoulder to give it the more ball shape it has on a real human.

After completing the arms and shoulders, I merged them with the chest and neck sub tool and dynameshed to begin smoothing to body parts together. Using the clay build-up brush, I began sculpting the neck where the collar bone begins and created divots in the skin.

After merging the torso with the stomach, pelvis, and thighs, I began working on the back and rear of my model by sculpting the spine in the neck by using the clay build-up brush. Once I was happy with the spine, I moved onto the rear of the pelvis and thighs which was simple to do by using the IMM primitives brush along with the clay build-up brush once again.

I then moved down to the knees and used the inflat brush along with the IMM primitives brush to draw cubes onto the knees to give them more depth. Using the dam standard brush I modeled the rear of the knee to get the fold you would see on human legs.