3D Character Design | Development Log 6

After completing the hands, I moved up the body and started working on the hair/head of the model. Originally, I had the plan to add long curly hair with a tiara-type accessory. However, upon modeling the hair, I accidentally used the snake hook tool wrongly and made something that resembled horns and had the idea to make Dragon Horns.

Once I’d got the horns the shape and size I wanted using the snake hook brush, I then used the clay build-up brush with a shape alpha to build up the clay to look like scales.

After completing the horns, I started experimenting with the hair as I didn’t have an idea in mind of how I wanted it to look. First, I experimented with the curve-alpha brush with the star shape alpha enabled.

I experimented with various lengths but the main problem with using this method, is not only does it use a lot of polygons, but also, it was difficult to manipulate the strands of hair to where I wanted them to go. Therefore I used a different method by using single curve alpha brush strokes to make single strands of hair

To make this Iteration of my character’s hair, I used inspiration from the star wars’ character Ahsoka Tano who has single strands drooping in front of their chest. I was finally happy with the hair after a bit of manipulating. I also added two strands of hair down the back of my character as well as a dragon scale effect on the back and neck of the character to give the effect that the dragon wings are bleeding onto the human features of the character

I then tidied up the wings and once again, used the clay build-up with alpha enabled to build up the scales on the wing membrane.

To give further detail on the dragon-bleed, I added a tail to see what this would look like. However, I eventually scrapped the idea after I didn’t approve of the way it looks when it was put onto my character.

Next, I was finally able to move on to the clothes that the character would be wearing.

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