2-Minute Animation | Game Trailer

The Forest


Here is my 2-minute animation submission for motion graphics and animation. I decided to create a game trailer for a 2d platformer game called ‘The Forest’ where to objective is to survive. However, despite seemingly being a quiet game, it can quickly turn sinister at night. I used Stranger Things as inspiration for the intro to my game trailer where the litters form up to create the title. I also stuck with the Synth-wave music slowed down to create a mystical and eerie feel to the trailer. I used a range of different techniques in my animation including text and shape manipulation, camera movement, and experimentation with in-built After Effects effects to create the effect of rain and smoke. The sound I used were found online and are credited below:


All Sounds [2018] Tree Falling Sound Effects [Audio] https://youtu.be/D7Ks_mlOxSY [Accessed 14/05/21]

All Sounds [2018] Water Drip Sound Effects [Audio] https://youtu.be/0fH48E-QKjM [Accessed 15/05/21]

Audio Library [2017] Chopping Tree [Audio] https://youtu.be/j_VfxvK7yF0 [Accessed 14/05/21]

Doses of Focus [2014] Fireplace Crackling [Audio] https://youtu.be/m1i7VGnDoQg [Accessed 13/05/21]

Netflix [2016] Stranger Things | Title Sequence [Video] https://youtu.be/-RcPZdihrp4 [Accessed 04/05/21]

Home Recorded Sound Effects [2020] Wood/Walk Sound Effects [Audio] https://youtu.be/uJGBVybeyW4 [Accessed 14/05/21]

ProSound Effects [2016] Weather Rain Ecde / Rain On Window [Audio] https://youtu.be/7exmiNrCnfk [Accessed 13/05/21]

SoundEffectsFactory [2014] Footsteps on Dry Leaves sound Effects [Audio] https://youtu.be/SF-czl4HxHI [Accessed 14/05/21]

White Bat Audio [2020] Free Streaming Music – Lost in Paradise (Retrowave/Synthwave) [Audio] https://youtu.be/kee93se_K74 [Accessed 13/05/21]

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