Animations Portfolio

Principles of Animations Piece

Audio Visual Piece

Camera Work Piece

Masking Piece

Idents Piece

Box link
For some reason, the animations are resized compared to the YouTube videos and I have not been able to find a fix or why it is being resized


Best Video Picker (2020) No copyright music 30 Seconds Music [Audio]. Available online: [Accessed 10/4/2021]

2MirrorsDialogue (2017) Woosh Sound Effects [Audio]. Available online: [Accessed 8/4/2021]

All Sounds (2018) Ball Bouncing Sound Effects [Audio]. Available online: [Accessed 12/4/2021]

World of Slow Mo (2017) Slow motion Sound Effect [Audio]. Available online: [Accessed 12/4/2021]

Hadwin Channel (2020) 35 Intro Logo Sound Music ~ Vol 1 [Audio]. Available online: [Accessed 10/4/2021]

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