Health Bar Update

First of all, since the last build I updated the health bar with a new ‘sanity bar’ instead of health that was made and designed by another member of the team. He designed two different bars, one with a heart to symbolise health and one with a brain to simulate sanity. However, we decided to go for the sanity bar as it was more fitting for the game and was keeping with our minimalistic design to the game.

Minor Updates

  • With feedback, I decided to up the sanity level from 30 to 50 to allow more time for the user to explore the level as it undermined the 2d artwork that had been done by the other team members.
  • When building the game, the menu didn’t scale with the user’s screen. The reason for this was the camera was set to a certain screen size rather than scale with screen size which wasn’t able to be seen until the game was built.


During the polish process we wanted to add sound as this will significantly increase the player’s experience when playing this game. Below you can see all the sounds working together including background music and environment sounds such as walking, health pickup and doors opening and closing when walking in and out of rooms. We went with a simple piano backing tune to keep with our minimalistic theme as well as a ticking sound to make the user know that they are against the clock. The ticking is also in sync with the various animated clocks located around the house. With these additions, the game is now in a finished state and will only need a few more polishing touches

To get this working, I created a simple script which prevented the game-object with the audio source from being destroyed when switched scenes from menu, as well as in and out of rooms. To check if the audio was already playing to prevent multiple audio files from playing at once, I created simple If function to check if the number of session is equal to 1, if it wasn’t it would delete the extra audio file.

Each of the audio files are playable below:

Door opening
Door Closing
Background Piano
Clock Ticking

Level design

With the assets we had, another team member populated the main house with various assets such as empty cabinets, bookshelves, windows, and doors. In my opinion, the level design could be better as feedback suggested it was too simple and boring. However, we didn’t want to confuse the player with the level design, being lost in the house. They also populated the rooms on each floor.

Basement – Tutorial
Living Room
Art Room

Final Build

Here is the link to the final build of our game. With a little more time I would’ve liked more polish such as a pause menu and more text for the story aspect. However, with the frame in mind, we had to cut some development short.


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