Acrobatic Rocket Car Dash | Development Log 7 (Completed game)

End Game

At the end of the game, the game just restart level 5, so I added a screen where the player could either restart from level 1 or quit the game, much like the death screen.

End game

Background Music

To finish the game, I added music and sound effects when each of the actions is triggered. For the background music of the tutorial, I added “First Steps” which is from the Celeste soundtrack which fits perfectly into my game.

For levels one to five I added “Resurrections” which is also from the Celeste game soundtrack.

To do this, I had to prevent the music from playing over and over again when the user died or reset the level. I also had to keep the game object that the music was assigned to in the game, even when the scene was changed. To do this I added in line 20 so the game object would not be destroyed upon moving levels.

Sound Effects

For the sound effects, I used to generate custom sound effects for each of the following; jump, hit, death and goal.


To add the sound effects to each event, I added in an Audio Source and an Audio clip. When the event occured, I played the sound with the player being the sound source. However, I ran into a problem when assigning the death sound where the player would be destroyed before it could play the death sound. Therefore, I had to create an empty game object and assign another sound source so the sound would be played using the other game object as the source.

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Raine, Lena (2018) Celeste Original Soundtrack – 03 – Resurrections [Video/Audio] Available online: “” [Accessed 24/01/2021]

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