Acrobatic Rocket Car Dash | Development Log 5 (First playtest)

Levels 1-5 complete

Now that the main components of the game were made, I set about making levels 1 through 5 after the tutorial level.

New Mechanics

I also added a new mechanic into the game where the player would have to push the box into certain places to jump to the next area of the game. This only required a 2D box collider and a RigidBody and the user was able to push the box into certain positions.

In addition, i tried to add in a rotation mechanic where the player model would spin upon contact with the front or back end of the car. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get this working properly and decided to push this back to polishing if I had the time.

Play Testing

After the 5 levels were complete, I then got someone to playtest it to see if there were any bugs in the game, along with testing how difficult the game would be for new players.
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I had to send my game and record it through video sharing, so the video does stutter at times.

Upon observation and analysis, I noticed the player didn’t know how to reset the level apart from to reset their health to 0, as they made the jump on the tutorial level, which would have told them how to reset the level using the r key. To help with this, I added an additional text above the movement help so this can better the user experience. One piece of feedback I got when playtesting was that the spikes seemed to do damage when the player was not close to the spikes. After this playtest, i edited the hitboxes of the spikes so this would no longer happen.

I also explained to the player that this isn’t a finished game and I will be adding sound and a death screen.

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