Craps Table & Dice (Notes and thoughts) | Post 11/20


The reason I decided to do Dice as a model of its own is due to the fact that when first picking the Casino theme, I thought that Dice is one of the most important pieces in a Casino, alongside betting chips. Although getting the initial shape of dice is not very difficult, I struggled with getting the holes for the dice number extruded onto the cube itself. Dice found in a casino had pointer edges than I originally thought to stop , therefore, I decided to do my own adaptation of it and give them more rounded edges

When researching typical colours of Casino dice, I noticed that a lot of casinos had Red dice, with the occasional blue dice. I decided to theme my asset list red, along with the dice which I coloured red with white dots. I also found that Casinos would often make dice out of heavier materials to prevent rollovers as much as well as general wear and tear, so I decided to give my dice a metallic colour finish.

Craps Table

At first, I didn’t know what Casino games used the Dice. Therefore, I decided to research and change my initial model, the pool table (which didn’t typically fit in the Casino theme), to a ‘Craps Table’ which is a land-based casino game where the players guess what number the dice will roll next.

I based my craps table on the image on the left which is a casino standard table. I wanted to capture the main aspects of the table with the black padded area around the side to allow people to lean on the sides. As well as two gaps to allow the dealer to stand and host the game. I tried to match the metallic colour of the table base as well as the cloth look on the inside of the table.

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