Acrobatic Rocket Car Dash | Development Log 4

After the last Log, I decided that the game will be too easy in its current state, so I decided to add a health bar and spikes that damage you on contact. I have set the current player health to 5 and each time the player comes into contact with the spikes, 1 damage is taken off. I may end up making the health 3 instead of 5 if 5 health is too much. In the polishing, i will add effects, including particles and a sound effect upon contact, and maybe knockback if this is abused in testing. When the user hits 0 health, they will be reset back to the beginning of the level. However, the user has no knowledge of whether they are dead or not, therefore, a death screen may be needed. I created the health bar myself, but it might need some improvement

I decided to create another health script for the player as I didn’t want this interfering with the original movement code of the player. The script on the right controls the health bar, by using the slider component in unity UI.

This is the tutorial level in its current state which is now pretty much complete. I will be adding small additions in the polishing stage. Also, I made some underground tiles and made the illusion of an underground cave. I did not make the background myself but instead, I got it from Vector Images.

dzha (n.d) Pixel art game background with blue sky and cloud [Digital] Available Online:

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