Digital Story Telling

Visual Novel

This is my Digital Story Telling Video which I chose to display in the form of a visual novel. I eventually elected to use Unity to create this as I have a wider knowledge of this program, as well as the program itself being more suitable to create 2D games. Despite my knowledge of Unity, this was my first attempt at a visual novel-style game which posed a challenge for me and I came across many problems along the way. I wanted to keep the visual style basic but still visually appealing as I wanted to focus more on the coding aspect of the game. However, in hindsight, I wish I had allowed myself more time to spend on the visuals of the game and learn new methods as I am unfamiliar with this visual style.

I created all the assets myself apart from the loading screen, all the audio clips, and the first background which I made on Inkarnate, a free map maker which I have referenced in the Harvard style below the video

Trevor Morris (2015) Enchanter – Dragon Age: Inquisition OST [Audio] Available online:

Brandon Fletcher (2015) Medieval Music – Cobblestone Village [Audio] Available online:

Dylan A. Smith (2017) Sad Ambient Medieval Music – The Final Labor [Audio] Available online:

Tim Rebkavets (2018) Castle background [Image] Available online:

Nadya1971 (N/A) Vector seamless background, medieval castle room [Image] Available online:

Inkarnate (2009) Available online: [Accessed 15/11/2022]