Rapid Prototype Design -Week 2 (Paper)


For theme 2 we were tasked to create an interactive digital prototype that somehow incorporates elements printed on paper such as any of the following:

Overall, with this week’s theme, I was overwhelmed and quite intimidated about how to start conceptualizing ideas based on this idea since I wanted to stray away from doing simple ideas that are over-saturated in today’s market such as maps. I first began by creating a mood board to help me get into the mindset of creating an idea for this week’s prototype.









After a while to think about a potential game idea, I came up with multiple ideas. My first was some sort of puzzle game involving a printed piece of paper with code translations for each letter of the alphabet which you had to reference in order to progress through the game. I then had another idea that came to my mind as I had recently watched the film Rattatoui. Essentially it would be a two-player game where one player had the recipes written in front of them (like the rat in Rattatoui) and the other would control the player but wouldn’t have the knowledge of the recipes and must get help from the other player. I also had this idea from the game ‘Keep talking and nobody explodes’ made by Steel Crate Games. Overall I think I could explore this game idea using a top-down style view made in Unity.

I once again decided to make a quick concept piece in photoshop to put my idea onto paper to better grasp my concept.