here below is my playable game zipped up. Unfortunately due to the time scale I had to work on my game, I didn’t leave myself with enough time to implement sound or any other polishing.



The main objective of the game is to find a way back out of the abandoned castle after mysteriously being locked inside. Find the keys to unlock doors necessary to complete the level. As this is a small level as part of a larger game, I restarted the level when the player exited the castle, when in reality the player would continue on to another level to complete the full level and find out why the castle has been abandoned. The castle is loosely modeled around Winterfell from the Tv Series Game of Thrones.


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The player spawns in facing the sun with my interpretation of a ‘weenie’ in the form of a spired tower which the player is immediately in view of and drawn toward. Once the player starts moving, they’ll likely be attracted to the castle doors which are visible, framed by the well in the center of the courtyard. Once the player reaches the door, they’ll discover another area behind the wall on the right. The player can also head left. However, I have purposely unlit this area to hopefully deter players to go in this direction. Even if they do, the area is fully textured and full of assets.


This is the first bit of height elevation the player comes across as the bridge collapses when they walk through the doorway of the barn. When they walk up this fallen down bridge, they are likely to explore the end of the bridge as the lights on the wall lead to the end where there is a key ontop of the box.

Throne Room

This is the player’s first view of inside the castle when they use the first key to unlock the main door. The player is then likely to head towards the top of the stairs to explore where the lights lead to.

Great Hall

Once the player goes to the end of the throne room, there is a room to the right where the player makes another height elevation change down to the great hall. The beams running along the top were suggested by my friend who playtested as the room looked empty before adding these assets.

Room 1

Once the player explores through the great hall, the only other available door is in the corner in the curved wall as the other doorway is blocked off by rocks. In the first room on the bottom floor, is the key that is used to unlock Room 2 which is further up the spiral staircase surrounding the cylinder Tower

Room 2

Once the player unlocks this door, they will find another Key. As there are no more locked doors in the castle, the player must go outside and find another door that the key unlocks. Hopefully the player will eventually be able to find the other door which is located next to the gate.


Once the player unlocks the door, there is another spiral staircase that leads up to a wheel which open the gate. When the player walks up to the gate, they get a prompt that pops up to press E to open the gate. The player can then see the gate opening through the window but will have to go back on themselves to go back out the gate.

Outside Gate

Once the player has completed the level, they can walk out the gate and the player will be able to explore other areas of the map. However, because this is a level as part of a bigger game, I’ve set the collision box to reload the map. I placed trees as far as the eye can see to provide a bit of detail for the player so the level isn’t empty outside. I originally added grass foliage outside but this used too many resources on the user’s computer, therefore I deleted the foliage and just kept the trees.