3D Character Design | Development Log 7

First I modeled the boots which were pretty easy to do. To begin modeling, I masked the area I wanted the boots to fit around the foot and duplicated it onto another sub tool. Then, I extruded it using the inflate tool to bring it away from the leg. Using the snake hook brush, I dragged the front down where the character would tighten the boots. I went with this style to make it look like the character had made them to give it a more makeshift look.

I used the same method to begin modeling the trousers. Then using the path brush, I chose the crosses tool and started experimenting with ways to make the trousers look more realistic. I eventually went with the idea to add a belt and buckle which was in-built into the Zbrush brush selection and made the cross stitches bigger.

Trousers and Boots

topless so the scales at the neck and shoulders would be visible. However, after some experimenting, I decided to add a bra-type but make the straps small so the scales were still visible.

I went back to remodel the lips to make them more realistic, and after some tweaking, I finally got the lips to look right and something I was happy with, whereas before it wasn’t the way that I approved of.

When modeling the bra, I wanted to keep the ‘makeshift’ style, as if the character had made them, themself. After putting the bra on, remodeling the lips, and some tweaking up and down the character, I was finally happy with my model and was ready to start texturing in Substance Painter.

However, in order to export to substance painter, I had to unwrap the UV’s of each subtool by using the UV master tool within Zbrush. Before unwrapping, I made sure each of the subtools was correctly polygroups with each part of the body.

Turn Table