Level design | Development log 1

This is the initial block out to my level design, which is still yet under development. I have added basic flat textures to everything using different colours to signify different materials I will be using in the fully finished design. Brown will be used for a wood material, mainly used for rooves and stilts. Grey will be used for a brick texture mainly used on buildings, walls and some floors. The red will be interactable objects such as doors. Green will be for greenery such as floors or leaves, however, the floor is untextured at the moment but will be green to signify grass. Black will be for a metal used for supports in the throne room and around the base of the tower. Yellow will signify gravel for the middle courtyard area and white will represent a marble texture for the floor of the throne room.

Level Design Blockout
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The main ‘weenie’ to my level will be the tower in the northeast corner of the map which is visible from the start and everywhere else on the map unless the player is in a building. The tower will be the main objective where you will be able to explore the multiple levels it will have where the higher-ranking members of the castle will live such as the king and queen, as well as a small council and planning room.