Creative Business mood board

Within the creative arts industry, there are many areas that interest me. The primary area that most interests me is the video games industry since there are so many different aspects that contribute to making a successful product including the code, the visual design, audio design, and many more contributions. These are the most fascinating to me as you can get so many different visual styles and audio styles combined to make a lot of different types of games.

Not only does the video games industry interest me, but also, the VFX and animation side of the films industry. Currently, the animation used in films such as Raya and The Last Dragon (Disney) and Coco (Pixar) is very remarkable and intriguing to me as even though they are not made to be real, the animators create astonishingly lifelike creation of a mythical story. CGI has also stood out to me in recent years, as film studios create seemingly realistic acting whereas, in fact, it was CGI and VFX that were used to make a film possible. However, it is almost impossible to know where CGI is being used since most films use the technology so successfully.

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