Opening Doors

After getting some 2d assets, I put them together and made a room for the starter level. In order to script the scene transition, I used Gizmos wire cubes to draw a box around the door and when the player was stood within the door outline, they are able to go through it using E.
To enable the possibility of multiple doors, I made a variable so it would be easy to change the name of the scene/room the user was entering.

Camera change

When the player enters the new room, we decided to change the camera perspective so they can see the whole room and the camera would be static and not follow the sprite. We thought that this would give it a nice perspective as the player can then see the whole room at once.

Room return

In order to get the player to return in the same place as the door entrance is, I added another script that derives from the scene switch script, only it overrides the spawn location of the player. To set the spawn location, I changed the X and Y position to the door’s location. This also makes it easier to duplicate the doors and change the X and Y position based on where the door is in the main house level.


I then added in the menu that was designed by another member of the team. Still in keeping with the monochrome theme with the element of fire. When the player hovers over the play button, the icon will turn red, just as important items in the game will be red as the only other colour (other than black and white) in the game.


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