Coin Pusher (notes and thoughts) | Post 18/20

Much like the hockey table, this 3D model of the coin pusher will go into the arcade section of the building. In my opinion, this was the most difficult model to create as when I extruded the centre into the machine to create the hollowness, the model would collapse when put into the smooth mode. To get around this, I had to create two different shapes and connect them together using the connect tool.

When texturing this model, I decided the give the coin dispenser a metallic texture because when looking at referencing imaging, the coin dispenser is removable to free any stuck coins, therefore I decided to give this effect. For the coin layer, I used a single image of a 2p coin and repeated the image to create the coin pusher effect. For the sign, the Coin Dozer logo was used as this made it stand out so that it’s easily readable for anyone walking past.

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