Air Hockey Table (Notes and thoughts) | Post 17/20

Despite and Air Hockey Table not fitting into the casino environment, I still thought that the model would fit into the arcade area of the building. I used a simplistic black base with the corners and overhead scoreboard being the metallic structure. For the leg design, I decided to go for the width leg style rather than 4 separate legs as this seemed to be a more modern style. I made the surface of the table reflective so it would give off the effect that it was ice, much like real air hockey tables.

For the hockey hand held sliders I created separate cylinder models and rounded the tops of each off where the player would hold it. I created two of them and changed the colour to blue so it was easily differentiated between the two players. For the puck I created a flat Cylinder, rounded the edges off and textured it red to keep my casino’s theme.

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