Immersive Design

Development Log 1 (The Idea)


Immersive Design is the process of creating an environment that fully engages the user’s senses and creates a sense of presence. In this instance, we were assigned to create an immersive design piece in the medium of virtual reality with the theme of Alice in Wonderland’s concept of ‘down the rabbit hole’.

Some key principles of immersive design include:

  • Sensory immersion: The environment should engage all the senses including sight, sound, touch, and smell
  • Spatial immersion: The environment should create a sense of physical presence, allowing the user to feel as though they are really there.
  • Emotional immersion: The environment should have an emotional response from the user, such as excitement, curiosity, or even fear.
  • Narrative immersion: The environment should have a narrative, allowing the user to become fully immersed in the story that is being told through the scenes.
  • Interactive immersion: If possible, the environment should allow for user interaction, creating a sense of agency and control.

When creating my immersive design piece, I will be considering all of these principles and how they will be incorporated into my design. I will also be carefully selecting which 3d assets and sound I will be using and which program to use to create the environment to aid in making the user’s experience they will have in my environment

The Idea

With the principles in mind and Star Wars as a passion of mine, I chose to create a themed immersive piece centered around meditation which would send the user into a ‘rabbit hole’ of flashbacks telling the story of ‘Order 66’, the purge of the Jedi.

I am planning to have the user start off in a meditation room and a series of flashbacks will play of the events that took place, before returning to their meditation room. I aim to use a variety of audio-visual elements to immerse the user in the environment and direct them to where they should look for the next stage of the story. In addition, with each flashback, I will be using smooth transitions such as fade to reduce the motion sickness of the user to give them a better experience in my environment.

Mood Board

To gain a bit of insight into the type of environments I would be creating, I decided to create a mood board showcasing some examples of my inspiration for this project. As my immersive experience will mostly be set in space, I will be requiring a lot of assets within this theme which is mostly futuristic.


sdecoret (2021) Landing strip spaceship interior [Image] Available online:

JEFF GRITCHEN (N/A) The Physics of the millennium Falcon [Image] Available online:

2ragon (N/A) (2019) Millennium Falcon Interior [Image] Available online:

Star Wars Fandom (N/A) Jedi temple [Image] Available online

Geek Carl (2019) The art of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Cover Art [Image] Available online:

Star Wars Fandom (N/A) Meditation Chamber [Image] Available online:

Pxfuel (2018) Jedi Council, Star Wars Jedi Temple HD wallpaper [Image] Available online: