Visual FX

Production Notes

For my first close-up of the light sequence, I will be using a free model I found on Sketch Fab incorporated with Unity’s light system for when each light turns red.

For my main formula One Car I have a few options which I got for free on Sketch Fab. I do prefer the Mclaren F1 car (right picture) but for consistency, I might consider using the standard f1 car (left picture).

For the driver inside the cockpit, I will be using this Space suit model which is the closest free option I could find as a 3d model for the Driver.


formula models maker (2021) Race Track Props Starting Lights [3D Model] Available online:

Diuis (2018) Space X Dragon Suit [3D Model] Available online:

TheoDevF1 (2022) F1 2022 Generic [3D Model] Available online:

Excalibur (2021) F1 2021 Mclaren MCL35 [3D Model] Available online: