Anatomy and Brush Exploration Results

In this week’s lab session, we were tasked to experiment with the different brushes using a drawing tablet. Here is my results

  • Clay Buildup (C>B) – This brush builds up clay in the size of the brush rather than the standard Clay tool which builds up and smooths the surrounding areas
  • DamStandard (D>S) – This brush takes away from the mesh and creates a dimple or line if the brush is held and dragged
  • Flatten (F>A) – This brush flattens the mesh according to what is next to the brush when it is first pressed
  • Move (M>V) – The move brush moves whatever mesh is inside the brush size when clicked
  • Move elastic (M>E) – This is similar to the move brush, but with elasticity to the rest of the mesh
  • Pinch (P>I) – This brush pinched the mesh with the symmetry tool turned on, it can bring the opposite points together
  • Standard (S>T) – This is just the standard clay addition tool which adds onto the mesh
  • Trim Lasso (T>L)