ZRemesher and Subdivision

First, I used the ZeeZoo lightbox and made my own changes to it by smoothing the model out and modifying the feet to better reflect those of an allegator’s. I then used Zbrush’s Zremesher which to takes an untidy topology of my model and using the programmes AI, re-meshes its surface to tody the geometry of the sculpture.¬†After doing so, I then used ZBrush’s Subdivisions¬†which allowed me to multiple the number of polygons on the mesh of my model, keeping the previous level of detail so I could swap between low resolution and high resolution. This allows me to add finer, detailed sculpting, or switch back to low resolution to perform more basic shape-changing.

After doing this, the mesh was a lot cleaner, with intelligently placed loops. I then used polygroups to group together parts of the body such as the feet, tail and head.