The first thing I wanted to do after completing the block-out to my level was to texture the ground.

To do this, I used the basic grass and gravel textures from the starter content built into the unreal engine and created a simple landscape material that combines the two textures.

My ground texture

The slight layer blend of the grass and gravel texture gave the ground a bit of varience rather than the standard texture of grass, even though I only used a 0.2 weight for the gravel.

I then ‘painted’ onto the landscape a gravel path in which the player will be likely to follow.

After completing the landscape textures, I then set out to fix the camera as I had used the 3rd person template in Unreal Engine to get the model, but the camera was still in a slight 3rd person perspective where the camera was still rotating around the feet of the character model. To fix this, I had to set the ‘FollowCamera’ as a child of the mesh, and select the head as the attached mesh so the camera would move with the head bobbing of the character. This solved a number of issues, including where the camera would clip through walls when inside buildings.

Next, I will be looking to add in some assets to start filling up my level.