3D Character Design | Development Log 2

Initial modelling

After the initial block of the torso and limbs, I added hands, feet, breasts, and wing bones. To model with wing bones, I researched what dragon wings looked like to get the anatomy correct, furthermore, this will make it easier when rigging the 3d model for animation in a later module

Here is a quick sketch I drew of an anatomically correct wing which I used as a reference when modeling the bone structure. I then later added the wing membrane by using the IMM primitive shapes tool to add a sphere and used the move brush to shape it around the bones, dynameshing at 256 resolution as I was modeling.

Here is the beginning of the wing model with the membrane. I decided to make the wings longer vertically and horizontally to give the character model a bigger wingspan but the shape and thickness of the wings still need additional shaping.

Next, I plan to work on the head structure and begin modeling the facial features. I will be using a human head as a reference, but I may deviate from this a little to make it more unique.