Level Design – Landscaping

This weeks task was to design a simple level using Unreal engine’s in-built landscape and foliage tools. I had a lot of fun creating a level using concepts we reviewed during the week, such as Walt Disney’s design scheme when creating his theme parks. ‘Weenies’ is a term he used to describe his concept on creating large structures in the centre or back of his theme parks to draw the customers through the park towards these large structures. This example pictured is Cinderella Castle at the end of┬áMain Street, USA at Walt Disney World in Florida which is a perfect example of a ‘weenie’ used to help draw customers down the main street towards the interesting tall building.

What "Weenie" Draws Your Customers Closer?

I used this concept when developing my inital level design, upon learning the basics of Unreal Engine’s landscaping tool. The large structure or ‘weenie’ being the tall mountain in which you must reach will atract players into finding a way through the level from the bottom corner, to the opposite corner.

upon beginning the level, the only way you can go is forwards towards an opening in which you can see the tall mountain in which you must reach, which would intice players to go towards it. I also used the trees to mask the hill until you got to a clearing to give the mountain a bit more of an effect when the player first looks at it

In the overhead picture you can see the route you must take in order to get from A to B with a number of dead ends to bring in the concept of backtracking and trial and error. The island could also lead to a pick up you must get, in order to reach the castle which would be at the top of the mountain.

once you reach the top, you can see the level in which you had to go through in order to get there. including the bridge and island if the player didn’t decide to cross before climbing the mountain.