Slot Machine (Notes and thoughts) | Post 15/20

One of the most common machines/games found in a Casino is a slot machine, therefore it was necessary to model one. Since the casino is themed black and red, the colours that were used seemed fitting for the Casino. To make the button stand out against the black base, it was coloured white as well as a colourful slot sign above where most slot machines have it.

To start with, I made the base of my slot machine to a similar shape as the reference image I used. I decided to make the top half of the slot machine longer and taller than the reference image to allow the sign to fit onto the top.

I used a variety of different textures in my design including a the classic slots sign which in my opinion fit very well into the design of my slot machine. I also used simple slot symbols as I didn’t want the design to be too complicated. In addition I added a spin button using the image on the right so the players can spin the slots using this button.

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