Roulette Table (Notes and thoughts) | Post 14/20

Another popular casino game is the roulette table which is found in most casinos, therefore I decided to make this one of my models. I mostly enjoyed creating the initial shape of the roulette table as it has a unique table layout with the cut out for the roulette spinner. The spinner was also enjoyable to model as I had a challenge modeling the spinner itself, including the top part where the host would spin the roulette spinner.

to start my roulette table, I wanted to capture the main shape of it. I used the reference image on the left as the main shape and style of this casino game. I textured the edges of the table black to act as the cushion when the players lean over the sides. I made sure to leave a gap for the game host to stand.

I used the spinner texture from the right image but decided to go for a simpler table layout using the middle image. I based my table legs on the left image but decided to blend the two styles and have two wide legs holding the table up.

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