Acrobatic Rocket Car Dash | Development log 3

Now with the movement and controls correct, I changed the grass and dirt texture to be a little less bland. I may still change this if necessary at a later date.

I also put an on screen text help if the user fails to make the jump and for future reference that they can press r to reset the level at any point. I may end up adding another on screen text help if they do make the jump, they will still know how to reset the level.

In the last Log, i managed to get the ball to roll into the goal, but the ball stayed in the scene. I have now made the ball disappear upon contact with the goal and at a later date will add particle/effects as well as a sound when this occurs. However, i still need to change the on screen help to say that the gate to the right of the player is open and they can now see it.

Upon contact with the gate (still the goal sprite but will be changed at a later date) the user will get transitioned to the next scene/level. In the next Log, I will be making the next level as well as making some changes to the aesthetics of the game.

This is the script that is run On Collision with the player and the Gate. I used the Tag “player” to identify the player and loaded the scene in which I entered on the inspector on the right side of Unity.

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