My 10 3D asset Ideas

My Theme

My group and I have chosen to do the theme of a Casino/Arcade. We explored a number of different designs including a Vehicle workshop and a Blacksmith but in conclusion, we all decided that a Casino would be an interesting theme for us all to create our 3D Assets.

1 – Roulette Table

My first asset I decided to design is a roulette table due to the fact that it is one of the most popular casino games and is easily recognisable to most people. This may be challenging asset to model as the wheel itself is complex.

2 – Blackjack Table

The second asset I decided to create was a Blackjack table as this is my favourite game to play. The overall shape of the Blackjack table won’t be too hard to model. However, any additional details such as the railings running around the base of the reference image, will be difficult.

3 – Digital Slot Machine

The next 3D asset I decided to try and model is a slot machine or a series of Slot Cabinets. This is also a highly recognisable machine in a casino so I decided to do a digital variant of a slot machine. This may be hard to design a detailed high poly version of the model, but the overall design of the slot machine isn’t to difficult.

4 – Stack of Chips

Expanding on the Roulette and Blackjack table, I’ve decided to make a high poly model of poker chips to go on the tables so i can make high detailed renders on top of the tables. The overall complexity of this model won’t be too difficult but texturing it may prove difficult.

5 – High Poly Dice

Another asset that I can place on a Roulette table is dice. To make them a little more complicated, I’ve decided to do a high poly version. The texturing of this model will be simple but the modelling and positioning of the black dots will be a challenge.

6 – Pool Table

Expanding on things in a casino, I decided to do some arcade assets as well as Casino only assets. A pool table is most commonly found in an arcade and I thought I’d do both Casino and Arcade theme. In my opinion the legs of the reference image will be too easy, so I may detail the base more.

7 – Air-Hockey Table.

Another thing typically found in an arcade/Casino building is an air-hockey table. This may be the most challenging one so far with the addition of the overhead scoreboard. However, when it comes to 3D modelling it, I may be able to simplify it but still keep the general complexity of the model.

8 – Plastic Casino Stool

To accompany most of my assets here, I decided to model a plastic stool. I may not end up using this reference image as this is more of a bar stool rather than a casino stool. However, this will be my general shape and model of the stool I will create for my final render. The curvature of the chair may be difficult to model at first but once I get the

9 – Cash/Change Machine

In an arcade, Change machines are commonly found so that people can put in Notes and it dispenses coins. This may be too simple of a design so I may expand on this and do a cash machine as well as one asset.

10 – Coin Pusher

The most popular arcade game is a coin pusher. This design will be the most difficult due to the fact that most of the game’s design is behind the glass. However, in the end I may decided to design one of these rather than the four you see in the reference photo.


Roulette Table –
Blackjack Table –
Slot Machine –
Stack of Poker Chips –
Dice –
Pool Table –
Air-Hockey Table –
Stool –
Cash Machine –
Coin Pusher –

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